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   False aylmeri anklets with rolled edge


All anklets are precision cut with 2 ply of leather and a soft rolled edge all stitched together with a scalloped edge only the best hides are used engineered to last if there is a specific colour you would like please leave a note and il try my best to match it thanks. Sizes are 

l.Eagle  X  Golden Eagle /Bald Eagle or similar 

Eagle  x  steppe Eagle /E Eagle owl  or similar

xx.large x / g.h owl / f.ferruginous or similar

x.large x / g.g owl or similar

large x f.goshawk /f.harris /ural owl or similar

medium x m.goshawk/m.harris/hawk owl/black spar or similar

small/medium x barn owl/boobook owl/l.e.owl tawny owl or similar

small x burrowing owl/w.f.owl / aplomado or similar

  or just leave a note thanks


False aylmeri anklets with rolled edge

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